Alejandro Roemmers’ 15 tips to lead a full life – GENTE

“I fervently believe that the entire technological and communication revolution has to be accompanied by a spiritual revolution, because otherwise, there will be no experiences that enrich us,” says the Argentine poet, writer and philanthropist in this text that he wrote especially for GENTE. I was only ten years old when I discovered “The Little […]

Roemmers, between literature and cinema – AMBITO

Businessman, philanthropist and writer, he presented his new book “The Young Prince Points the Way”, after “The Return of the Young Prince”, which sold more than 3 million copies in 30 countries. The grandson of the founder of the Roemmers laboratories is fully dedicated to writing but he also ventured into the audiovisual industry, making […]

The writers Elena Poniatowska and Alejandro G. Roemmers, 2024 Ernesto Cardenal Foundation awards for their values ​​- 20 minutes

From left to right, Óscar de Baltodano, vice president of the Ernesto Cardenal Foundation, Jorge Abascal, cultural attaché of the Mexican embassy, ​​Alejandro G. Roemmers and Carmen Calvo.JUAN PARRA The Ernesto Cardenal International Foundation, dedicated to the development of cultural activities in the academic and literary field and the promotion of human rights, has presented […]

Alejandro Roemmers: “We have to rethink what really has to be taught” – Infobae

The businessman, philanthropist and writer presents this afternoon at the Book Fair “The Young Prince points the way”, a new chapter of his character based on the classic story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry He spends most of the year outside the country, following an itinerant life of business, philanthropy and writing without a fixed base, […]