Eugene Zanetti Stage director, set designer and costume designer.

Born in Córdoba on October 19, 1946, he is an Argentine art director, illustrator, set designer, painter, designer, playwright and film director. He has a long career in the cinema and theater of his country, as well as a recognized career in the United States. As a painter, he has had individual exhibitions in Argentina, Mexico, USA and recently in Spain. He has received the Doctorate ‘Honoris Causa’ from Esserp in Spain, as well as from the University of the Arts in Buenos Aires, from the University of Palermo and the title of distinguished citizen of the cities of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Los Angeles.


Other numerous recognitions include the Estrella de Mar, María Guerrero and Trinidad Guevara Awards on multiple occasions. Based in Hollywood since the 1980s, he has worked on films such as Flatliners, Last Action Hero and Restoration, for which he received the Oscar for best production design/art direction in 1995. In 2000 he was nominated for this award again. for his work on the film “Beyond Dreams” by Vincent Ward. Currently, Alejandro collaborated with his next film: “very long Instant”.

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