Fangio: first preview of the series about Chueco’s private life – Motor1

“I am Juan Manuel Fangio. I was born in a small town in Buenos Aires where time passes more slowly. Perhaps that’s why I was the fastest man in the world. When you’re accelerating a machine at over 300 km/h, there’s no time to raise children.”

With these words, the first official trailer for “Fangio – La Serie” was presented yesterday. This multi-episode biopic (which will combine fiction with historical facts) will tell the story of the five-time world champion’s private life for the first time.

The film project has the approval of Fangio’s three children recognized by the courts after a DNA analysis carried out after the death of “El Chueco” de Balcarce: Oscar “Cacho” Fangio (absent from yesterday’s event due to health reasons), Rubén Fangio and Juan Carlos Fangio, who participated in the presentation held at the Non Stop Studios in Munro.

The series has the collaboration of businessman Alejandro Roemmers: poet, car collector and artistic producer of theater, cinema and documentaries. After two years of pre-production, where the life and sports career of “El Chueco” were investigated, “Fangio – La Serie” will now enter the filming process.

No details were given about who will star in the series, although it was anticipated that there will be different actors who will represent Fangio in the different stages of his life. The children themselves will contribute their voices and experience to tell the lesser-known side of the five-time champion: “When you accelerate a machine at over 300 km/h, there’s no time to raise children.”

The first official trailer for “Fangio – La Serie” can be seen below. There is more information about the project in the press release, below.

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