Presentation “The Young Prince points the way” at the 48th Buenos Aires International Book Fair

In the José Hernández Room of the La Rural Fairgrounds, the writer, businessman and audiovisual producer presented his latest book on the afternoon of Friday, April 26. It is the continuation of The Return of the Young Prince, its title released in 2008, which was a bestseller and has been translated into more than 30 languages. There, the authorHe highlighted his interest in seeing the book reach the country’s secondary school classrooms.


The writer, businessman and audiovisual producer Alejandro G. Roemmers presented on the afternoon of Friday, April 26 at the Buenos Aires Book Fair“The Young Prince points the way”, his latest book, which is the continuation of “The Return of the Young Prince.” A multitude of people participated in the event, which took place in the José Hernández Room, at the La Rural Fairgrounds.


I am happy to be able to present this book, which is a contribution to education. It takes place in a school and it is the Young Prince, who arrives with his spiritual, loving and fraternal consciousness and produces small changes that finally manage to increase the entire cohesion of the group and integrate them. In a way, the book seeks for both children and adults to learn that even though we are all different, spiritually we are all brothers and we can live fraternally,” said the author.


The Young Prince points the way was published by Editorial Oceano. Through its 166 pages it tells the story of Juan, a somewhat mysterious young man, recently arrived from Patagonia to the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute, a prestigious secondary school in the city. Their presence, marked by core values ​​and a unique vision of life and friendship, will challenge and forever change the lives of classmates and teachers. It is a book that calls for reflection on the relationships between young people and adults, addiction to screens, the clash between tradition and technology, and the obsession with image and social networks. The story culminates with an adventure in the middle of nature, which will give rise to a true brotherhood.


The presentation was given by the journalistMaría Laura Santillán, who highlighted the versatility of the book, being intended for young people and being at the same time a teaching tool in schools: “It is important that this book is in schools because it is unforgettable,” he noted. The journalist also spoke at the meetingLuis Novaresio and the writerMaria Rosa Lojo, who highlighted the positive message that the book embodies: how good treatment can improve people’s behavior.

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