Alejandro G. Roemmers was recognized by the Association of Friends of the National Museum of Decorative Art

The Argentine poet, novelist and philanthropist participated in the year-end meeting, which took place on December 6, at the institution’s headquarters in Palermo. There he thanked the authorities for the distinction, and encouraged those present to continue working for human fraternity.

The Argentine poet, novelist and philanthropist Alejandro G. Roemmers received a distinction from the Friends of the Museum of Decorative Art Association. It was during the end of the year meeting, which took place on December 6 at the institution’s headquarters, in the Palermo neighborhood.

The event began with the words of the Museum’s operational manager, Cristina Santa Cruz, who introduced Father Orcheta, a member of the Jesuit friars. For his part, Orcheta highlighted Roemmers for being the first person to make fraternity the center of his work, as well as in talks and interviews. He also congratulated him for being the precursor and inspirer of the great universal hug that took place in June of this year, and which brought together young people from all over the world and 30 Nobel Peace Prize winners in St. Peter’s Basilica and in other cities around the world. .

Arnaldo Gometz, president of the Association, thanked Roemmers for all the help and support provided to the entity, and noted that he is a person “with the soul of a poet, the creativity of a playwright, the vision of a businessman and the heart of a philanthropist.” He also added: “Alejandro transcends the borders of art to become a pillar of support for the global artistic and cultural community, being a guiding light towards the preservation of heritage, the promotion of the arts and the construction of bridges towards peace and fraternity, that is why their dedication is worthy of recognition.”

Upon going on stage to receive the distinction, Alejandro Roemmers read to those present the document drafted and signed with the Nobel Prize winners, that June in Vatican City. He also highlighted that he has been watching over human fraternity for many years and all that work could be reflected with the writing of said document.

During the event, the singer Lucila Gandolfo gave a musical presentation and performed Ave María and the songs Somewhere over the rainbow, Impossible dream and What a wonderful world, along with her son, Francisco Granado. To end the evening, all guests participated in a cocktail.

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