“El Joven Príncipe señala el camino” (The Young Prince Points the Way)

A new story starring the Young Prince. A transformative adventure that will make you discover the true meaning of friendship. A book that will stay with you long after you have read it.

Alejandro G. Roemmers, author of the bestseller The Return of the Young Prince – which has been published in 30 countries and sold over 3 million copies – invites us on a new journey of discovery and friendship, masterfully combining introspection with adventure.

The Young Prince Points the Way tells the story of Juan, a somewhat mysterious young man who has recently arrived from Patagonia at the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute, a prestigious high school in the city. His presence, marked by fundamental values and a unique vision of life and friendship, will challenge and change the lives of his classmates and teachers forever.

A story that calls us to reflect on universal dilemmas ranging from the philosophical to the everyday, such as the relationship between young people and adults, addiction to screens, the clash between tradition and technology, or the obsession with image and social networks, and culminates in an adventure in the heart of nature, which will give rise to true brotherhood.

The Young Prince Points the Way is an invitation to live fully, to question our most deeply held beliefs, and to explore the endless possibilities that the real world offers us. Alejandro G. Roemmers gives us a work that will resonate with readers of all ages, that entertains, enlightens, inspires, and has a transformative effect.

Year of publication: 2024

Genre: Narrative novel

Publisher: Océano