“Morir lo necesario” (Die what is necessary)

The discovery of a corpse on the property of a private neighborhood under construction is a bad omen and bad publicity for its owners, pressured to find the culprit. Detective Luis G. Fernández together with officer Romina Lacase will not rest until they reach the truth. Morir lo necesario plunges us into a world of drugs, corruption, harmful links and a family drama. The lives of Miguel, Facundo and Detective Fernández will be tragically intertwined. With dizzying suspense and exceptional prose, Alejandro G. Roemmers tackles difficult questions about trust, friendship, family, and the consequences of the decisions we make every day. In these pages weaves a modern and sagacious plot that questions the unique origin of the facts. The author tells us that responsibilities are always multiple. So who is the real culprit? It’s not always the one that pulls the trigger.