Sponsorship of reading workshops through the SADE (Argentine Society of Writers).

Reading is a very positive habit, not only because it is entertaining but, from a personal point of view, it increases creativity and stimulates feelings and emotions, enriching vocabulary and improving the use of language, both oral and written.  More and more cultural activities are being generated around a book. The reading workshops are group […]

Poetry by Miguel Hernández at the UXart Virtual Museum

The project has received the support of the “Alejandro G. Roemmers” Ibero-American Chair of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Miguel Hernández University, achieving the inclusion of poetry for the first time in the Virtual Museum gallery.  The application offers the user a virtual reconstruction of a selection of poems in different 4.0 narratives: virtual […]

Empowering Economy, in “San Francisco”, Jujuy.

Empowering economy invests, promotes and supports sustainable consumption. This form of consumption reduces the negative effects of climate change and favors our health. It is based on some premises: offer food with organic plant-based raw materials, offer artisanal and sustainable products, and offer compostable and biodegradable products.  It has three main missions: an ecological mission, […]

The Return of the Young Prince has reached schools.

It is offered as an educational book, as a work full of values. Contests were generated in the different provinces of the Argentine Republic thanks to the copies donated by Alejandro G. Roemmers, to work together with the Ministry of Education to encourage and promote reading and the values ​​that it seeks to strengthen and […]

Project: “Agricultural San Francisco” Mozambique, Africa.

“Agricultural San Francisco” is a project that takes place in Mozambique, Africa, in a town without access to drinking water.   An agricultural unit and a professional school for the entire region will be installed on the land, with the concept: local economic development.   An agricultural area was also created for the benefit of the […]

Nazareth Home, Peruvian Amazon

“Children are not the future, but the present full of future”   It is a rescue home for children in situations of extreme poverty. It is an essential pillar for the emotional environment of children, where their personality, inner balance and control of the will will be forged. It tries to restore to the poorest […]

Franciscus High School.

“Start with the necessary, then try the likely. Suddenly, you will be doing the impossible.”   It is a school for low-income students from Paysandú, Uruguay, which provides excellent education. It is the first full-time, Catholic, free and privately managed educational center in the interior of Uruguay. They seek to eliminate the learning gap that […]

Saun honorary member.

Saun is a platform that serves as a link between people who want to help and people who need to receive that help.   It is a great space for social articulation with a collaborative and supportive ecosystem, in an environment of camaraderie and love, which guides, connects and empowers those who have the initiative to […]