Foundation Ruru Seeds of Dawn, Monterrico, Province of Jujuy.

The Foundation’s purpose is to seek and guarantee the broadest standards of access to justice under equal conditions for all inhabitants, as well as the formulation and application of policies, programs for the promotion and strengthening of fundamental rights.

 All the necessary musical instruments were purchased so that the boys, girls and adolescents could learn and receive an artistic-musical education of excellence, being also a space of support and social inclusion for them.

 The objective of the Foundation is to impart human values ​​through music in order to give children and adolescents a superior life project, seeking social advancement through spirituality. The work is carried out by music teachers who, in addition to instructing them, offer their support and containment, even including parents and grandparents in their classes to work together and further promote values ​​such as solidarity, empathy, fraternity and fellowship.