Martin Monguzzi Singer.

He was born on October 7, 1981 in Córdoba Capital (Argentina), and lives in the city of Villa Allende. He is a singer and a professional golfer.


His first independently produced debut album entitled  “BETWEEN TWO PASSIONS” was published in 2010. All the songs (except the re-versions of “La Balsa”, “Nada” and “Desde Que Te Ví”) were composed by Martín himself, and other authors, highlighting his single “Déjame Amarte”. During 2012 this first album was reissued under the prestigious record label “Warner Music Argentina”.


In 2014 he presented “REFLECTION”, his second album with songs like “Enamórate” and “Mucho Más Que Amor” specially composed by the Spanish author Juan Carlos Calderón, “La Luna En El Balcón” and “Estrella Pequeña” by the Argentine composer Paz Martinez.


During 2016 and 2017 he presented his third record production “A TU LADO” with his singles “Rescátame” and “Vamos” composed by Martín himself. Also part of this material are songs like “Si Dices Que Te Vas”, an updated version of the success of Mássimo Di Cataldo, “No Hay Causas Perdidas”, “Ganas”, “De Mil Amores” among others by Alejandro Montalbán. Finally “What I did it for”, authorship of master Armando



In 2018, his fourth album titled “SIMPLEMENTE” arrived, with eight unreleased songs and three reversioned, giving rise to new singles during that year and the next.


In 2019, he presented his single “Te Vuelvo A Selección”, a very happy song with a renewed sound, but without losing the elegance and characteristic strength that identifies it, whose video clip was filmed in different locations in Mexico. Its great success led to a relaunch of it during 2020.


During 2020 he also presented, on the one hand, “If You Choose to Forget”, a classic romantic ballad where he expresses the great pain that it is to accept letting go of a love that is difficult to forget; and, on the other hand, “Fuíste Mía En Septiembre”, a cut that was part of his work “REFLEXO” and which he “rescued” in a new and renewed pop version, to celebrate his first

ten years of musical career.


Martín continues to produce new songs that he will continue to present to us over the coming months, such as his current 2021 single, the cut “Vos Y Yo” of his authorship and which is dedicated to his son Gerónimo.

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