Horacio Lavandera Pianist.

Horacio Lavandera has to resort to the memory of his father, José María, to tell that at the age of two he asked again and again to listen to the records of Chick Corea’s Electric Band. At four, he intended to play the double bass, but was convinced that his height was not going to […]

Nahuel Clerici Pianist.

  He was born in Buenos Aires in 1990. He began studying piano with Prof. M.F. Nuñez and continued his training with Mtros. A. De Raco and BL Gelber. In 2010 he graduated from the Turin Conservatory with the highest qualification.   Since 2012, on the recommendation of the pianist Martha Argerich, he has been […]

Daniel Doura Musician and composer.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1957. He began his musical studies at the age of 5 with the guitar as his main instrument. At ten he started on the piano, later perfecting himself with Antonio de Racco {Argentina), Alberto Portugheis (United Kingdom), Jacqueline Gourdin and Alfred Churchill (United States).   He graduated with a Bachelor […]

Eugene Zanetti Stage director, set designer and costume designer.

Born in Córdoba on October 19, 1946, he is an Argentine art director, illustrator, set designer, painter, designer, playwright and film director. He has a long career in the cinema and theater of his country, as well as a recognized career in the United States. As a painter, he has had individual exhibitions in Argentina, […]

Martin Monguzzi Singer.

He was born on October 7, 1981 in Córdoba Capital (Argentina), and lives in the city of Villa Allende. He is a singer and a professional golfer.   His first independently produced debut album entitled  “BETWEEN TWO PASSIONS” was published in 2010. All the songs (except the re-versions of “La Balsa”, “Nada” and “Desde Que […]

Alberto Bastón Díaz Sculptor.

He was born in Buenos Aires on December 11, 1946. He studied in Argentina and France. In Buenos Aires, he studied at the Raggio Technical Schools and at the Manuel Belgrano School of Visual Arts; in Paris, he trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, at the École Practique des Hautes Études de La […]

Pablo Atchugarry Artist and sculptor.

  He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on August 23, 1954. Sculptor with an international career and cultural management. He currently lives and works in the city of Lecco, Italy and in Manantiales, Uruguay. In his beginnings he manifested himself through painting, then he discovered cement, iron and wood. At the end of the 1970s, […]

Martín Savi Lyrical singer

“With great experience on stage, Savi also had the privilege of stepping on the Luna Park stage hand in hand with an international star like Julio Iglesias.”   Despite his youth, he has a privileged, well-worked voice. Those who heard Martín Savi sing are surprised by the vocal range of the 16-year-old. Working for years […]