Pablo Atchugarry Artist and sculptor.


He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on August 23, 1954. Sculptor with an international career and cultural management. He currently lives and works in the city of Lecco, Italy and in Manantiales, Uruguay. In his beginnings he manifested himself through painting, then he discovered cement, iron and wood. At the end of the 1970s, after having held several exhibitions in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre and Brasilia, he made study trips to Spain, France and Italy. In 1978 his first personal exhibition took place in the city of Lecco (Lake Como).


In 1979 he discovered marble as an extraordinary and fascinating material, making his first sculpture entitled “La Lumiere” in Carrara. In 1980-1981, he continued to travel and exhibit his pictorial work in Stockholm, Lucerne, Lugano, Munich, Zurich, London, Malmo, Paris and Bogotá. In 1982 he decided to settle in Italy, in Lecco, as a result of the sculpture “La Pieta”, a work executed in a 12-tonne block of Carrara statuary marble, which would end in 1983. In 1987 he held his first solo exhibition of sculpture, in the Bramantino Crypt in Milan, with the presentation of Raffaelle de Grada. Starting in 1989, it also manifested itself through monumental works, which today form part of private and public collections in American and European spaces.


In 1996 he executed the sculpture “Seed of Hope” destined for the Sculpture Park of the Libertad Building, headquarters of the Government House of Uruguay in those years. In 1999, the Pablo Atchugarry Museum was established in Lecco, where his works are exhibited, all the bibliographic documentation and the headquarters of the archive of the artist’s work are created. In 2001 the Province of Milan dedicated a retrospective exhibition to him “The infinite evolutions of marble” at the Isimbardi Palace in Milan. In the same year he sculpted the monument entitled “Obelisk of the third millennium”, a sculpture in Carrara marble 6 meters high, intended for the Italian city of Manzano {Udine), and won the national competition for the realization of the monument “Civilization and Lecco’s culture of work”, a sculpture six meters high and weighing thirty-three tons in Carrara marble. In 2002 he received the “Michelangelo” award in Carrara, in recognition of his artistic career and continued to work on different works, including the sculpture “Ideals”, located on Av. Princesse Grace in Monaco, made on the occasion of the 50 years reign of Prince Rainero of Monte-Carla. In 2003 he represented Uruguay in the 50q. Venice Biennale with the work “Dreaming of peace”, a sculptural group made up of eight works, five of which are in statuary marble from Carrara and three in bardiglio marble from La Garfagnana. In the same year he sculpted the work “Ascención ” for the Franc Daurel Foundation in Barcelona.


In 2004 he made the sculpture “Vital Energy”, in pink marble from Portugal, for the Davidoff Oncology Hospital of the Belinson Center in Petak Tikva, Israel. In 2005 the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires organized an exhibition of his works. In 2006 the Groeninge Museum and the Concert Hall in Bruges dedicated a large retrospective exhibition to him.


In 2007, he created the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation in Manantiales, Uruguay, with the intention of stimulating the arts and creating a meeting place for artists of all disciplines, an ideal union space between nature and art. Between 2007 and 2008, a retrospective and itinerant exhibition of his works took place in Brazil, “The Plastic Space of Light”, at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Brasilia, at the MUBE (Brazilian Museum of

Sculpture) in San Pablo and at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba. In 2008 the National Museum of Visual Arts of Uruguay dedicated an exhibition of his last 15 years of work to him.


In 2009 he made the sculpture “Light and Energy of Punta del Este”, in statuary Carrara marble, 5 meters high for the city of Punta del Este. In January 2022, the Atchugarry Foundation inaugurated the “Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers” room at MACA, in homage to the Argentine writer, poet and businessman. There, the works of the Museum’s Permanent Collection will be exhibited, with more than fifty works by Latin American and European artists.

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