Title: “Ancla Fugaz”

Year published: 1995 Genre: Poetry    The depth and beauty of his poems is surprising in this book by Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers. His poetry reveals the moments of a life captured by an alert intuition and captured in images whose virtue is originality, if not the greatest, one of the important achievements of every artist. And this vital experience is expressed with unique lexical neatness and richness, in a metric that ranges from free verse to classic and modern sonnet, in which the background and the form harmonize to become a pure and true poetry.   How far How far away I am tonight. No voice names me, no hand reaches me.   Words no longer deceive and does not calm my loneliness another little loneliness, no sympathetic ears my bled voices. All the world it is an emptiness that weighs, a suffering that drags.   Being versus being to the same extent, with the same delivery, and if not, nothing.