Title: “Soñadores Soñad”

Year published: 1982 Genre: Poetry    Alejandro Roemmers spent much of his youth in Europe. In his years of residence in the old continent he dedicated numerous poems to Spain, several of which can be found in his first book, “Soñadores, Soñad”, which brings together poems written between the ages of fourteen and twenty. Since then, his poetry has been the subject of numerous awards and publications and included in anthologies of American poetry. From that luminous warning: “it seems that the soul is numb” of Saint Teresa of Jesus, there is a permanent hope of awakening, of passing from dream to reality. Thus angels will announce the new day in fulfillment of the Gospel of Saint John so that “the light may be of men”. All the beautiful and profound thought of Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers in his spectacular dogma SOÑADORES SOÑAD, is a generous help in reaching that light, since the destiny or commitment of the poet is to be like a “poplar tree erect against the fury of the winds”. Rich and audacious source of words, rivers, sounds, stars, silences, colors, moons, paths, love and death… frame this insatiable universe of Alejandro Guillermo, who gives us a treasure of blue madness, of pilgrim passion, in an unexpected jewel of splendor and beauty. “The sea is a sound dream”, warned Antonio Machado, and SOÑADORES SOÑAD has that incessant rhythm of the waves, routes of skies, unexpected images, reflected in clear mirrors, from the immensity of the Pampas, to the severe presence of Spain. Immortal. Mountain of Faith, populated with solitude and divine mystical exaltation, or pagan, between metaphors and psalms, warns us: “put the sun in the overcast sky.” And that dawn, in rigorous language, is our grateful heart, in front of the work of a miraculously exceptional being: Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers.   Drops Murmur of notes, rain, soft tapping from the balcony; drops of water, voices of rain, in the metallic night they are