Title: “España en mí” (Spain in me)

Year published: 1996 Genre: Poetry       “ Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers transits in the space-time that he himself assumes, and he does so without vain grandiloquence or useless secrecy. His poetry -both in the requirement of the sonnet and in formal and conceptual freedom- takes the problem of essence and existence raised in the first work, and unfolds it in the perspectives of love, of poetry (looking for an elusive definition) , in music (“El piano”), in dreams, in nature and in different panoramas as intimate as they are compatible.   The resources of his personal codes, in fact, are available to any reader for whom, without a doubt, everything “outside” converges towards a multidirectional “inside”: from I to you and vice versa, from I and you to us, and vice versa.   Let’s not look here for strident originalities or attempts to amaze with exotic finds: Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers prefers a pristine lyricism, as clear as it is moving. So much of everyone that no one can ignore it. From the words of an excited uncle and godfather (“Things from an uncle”) to the song of the traveler who lives in us (“Windcatcher”), we find here echoes of our conscience that perhaps we have not been able to express individually.”   Castilla again. Again your austere challenge, the dry hit of the plateau, bending my summer ways.   Once again the immensity, naked up to the mountains, captivating my wild loneliness.   And again for your nobility from vain lethargy you rescue me. Ay, Castilla, whoever names you, prays!