Title: “Poemas elegidos” (Selected Poems)

Year Published: 2006 Genre: Poetry   Luis Alberto de Cuenca y Prado, who was the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain and former Director of the National Library, said:   “Alejandro is very comfortable in the sonnet, he handles that composition with wisdom, with grace, with panache, with a truly admirable sense of the lyrical… I would like to first underline his ability as a sonnetist. He is a splendid sonnetist, and then also I would say that he is a virtuous of the word…he is a person who makes words stretch, shrink, adopt capricious forms on occasions, on other eurythmic, classical occasions, but he always works magic with words… he is a true thaumaturge, a magician of that art, of that great beautiful art that is poetry ”.   Numerous writers have praised his work. Norberto Silvetti Paz, poet, writer and translator, writes:   “Alejandro´s poetry is valuable and rich, both rooted in traditional forms and in the spirit of modern poetry. A poetry conceived and executed with simplicity and gravity, of permanent intensity, which incorporates and recovers for itself, the harshness of the days and the existential experience, becoming a reason for deep meditation. “ “Throughout the execution of this new book, a slight ascetic breath blows, founded on words and meditations of fascinating truth. Poems that impress for the richness of nuances, for the evident faculty to operate mutations of things in words of deep lyrical substance. And I point out that behind all this the presence of creative pleasure is palpable ”.   The water of life AS Life that arises towards life the vapor of the eternal Sea is released. Man forms a vagrant cloud in the fleeting wind of its existence. And in death it returns like rain forever confused among its waves.