Title: “The return of the young prince”

Year published: 2008

Genre: Narrative novel

“The return of the Young Prince” is a book for all ages. It is a simple and poetic story in which I try to convey the experiences and wisdom that I have collected in life. I interpret life as a great opportunity, in which the most important thing is spiritual evolution. One wants to preserve innocence, but at the same time one wonders what to do in the face of injustice, evil, betrayal…

This book, which I wrote in nine days of isolation and which came from the depths of myself, aims to give some answers. Although it originally circulated among a small group of near and dear people, its design soon changed. The interest and enthusiasm it generated established it with an ever-widening audience. It was the response of the readers that made me understand that I had to share that search and life experience. The evolution of my own life.

The effect of this work has been absolutely transformative: it allowed me to close a stage as a sad and depressed man that I was able to leave behind, to access another, that of the successful and happy man that I have become. 

“If you feel alone, if your heart is pure, if your eyes still hold the wonder of a child, perhaps you will discover when you read these words that the stars smile at you again and you can hear them as if they were five hundred million bells.”