Title: “La mirada impar” (The odd gaze)

Year published: 2014 Genre: Poetry   Testimonial poetry in the sense of lived experience, that of this book by Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers leads us through his experiences towards the purest and most diaphanous of communicative sensibility. To read “La mirada impar” is to discover the human and revealing breath of the poetic word, in this case an expression with classic roots and structure -in most of the compositions- but with a contemporary vision and an implicit and affectionate approach to the reader. In the verses of Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers the soul of the poet (his feeling, his wisdom) is always present in the face of the various circumstances of life: landscapes, anecdotes, sensations, the experiences of love and friendship and the perception of the sacred. A book, in short, that like all good poetry books, invites us to understand and love, helps us to live.    Learning to live They say, those who know something about this trade, that learning to live life goes away, and that observing the starting point, you would risk more from the beginning.   If there is no gap in the wall of time, this moment is beginning and farewell,  the reward itself and its measure, your brief salvation or your punishment.   If your heart goes out to each friend and you give, without expecting or understanding,  even without certainty, you will affirm with me:   I suffered, I loved, I feel blessed,  even though I don’t know how or why, or who to thank for having lived.