Title: “Más allá”

Year Published: 2001

Genre: Poetry


A slight ascetic breath, of subtle worldology, runs through the pages of this new book by Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers, composed mostly of deep and fascinating sonnets and free-form poems, whose wealth of lyrical resources reaches in many of them a remarkable interiority, founded on real words as living beings.


His style arises from the truth of his feelings, and is formed through personal experiences to finally conquer the world of its real expression, rich in melodies and intimate and clear semitones, without fanfare or rhetorical gimmicks. Transparent, lucid poetry, of an authentic poet, endearing, with discreet and light touches of that aching feeling that Garcilaso sings; elegant poetry full of fascination, with moments of admirable universal elevation in its language of true lyricism.


The Rose

When you throw your bundle of belief

defeating reason in its madness

and you can value in your journey

just this minute of existence,


when a child again, in your innocence,

you open your heart to adventure

and come back from love, pure water,

to drink with relish and transparency,


if you manage to retrace what you have already learned

and no guilt or chimera clings to you

you will celebrate the silent life


so absorbed, naked and surprised

that you will have to know for the first time

the unfathomable beauty of the rose.