Title: “Vivir se escribe en presente”

Year published: 2020 Genre: Narrative novel   Alejandro Roemmers offers us an addictive novel, a journey of self-knowledge and reflection on the way we live, since, although they go unnoticed, the words we say or remain silent, the anger and slamming of doors, the decisions we make or avoid, a farewell, a hug are the seeds that harbor our luck, because we are writing the future today, in the present. In Living is written in the present, Ron, Fernando, Alexia and Michael face the dilemma of these circumstances, starring in a raw and deep story, in which love, friendship, relationships between parents and children, vocation and destiny are they intersect and generate a network of situations that make us reflect on each of the small or big decisions we make at every moment.   “In the end, creating beauty is the task of artists, musicians, poets, and the passion of noble souls. But all of us have the challenge and the responsibility to recognize, appreciate and protect it. Beauty is what gives flavor to life and justifies it.”