Creation of FestivalAR Argentine Festival of Videopoems

“FestivalAR, es un festival de videopoemas que busca descubrir talentos emergentes relacionados con la fusión de la composición literaria y la producción audiovisual”. FestivalAR es el primer festival de videopoemas de Argentina. El certamen, iniciativa del empresario y escritor Alejandro G. Roemmers, buscó descubrir talentos emergentes relacionados con la fusión de la composición literaria y […]


«Faced with an unprecedented situation, in which theaters and concert halls were closed for a year, the Reunion project arose.»  It is clear that the so-called «performing arts» are activities that take place on stage, in contact with an audience. This idea, generated by two musicians, -one of them also a reference in event production-, […]

Foundation Ruru Seeds of Dawn, Monterrico, Province of Jujuy.

The Foundation’s purpose is to seek and guarantee the broadest standards of access to justice under equal conditions for all inhabitants, as well as the formulation and application of policies, programs for the promotion and strengthening of fundamental rights.  All the necessary musical instruments were purchased so that the boys, girls and adolescents could learn […]

Foundation “Music to save lives”, Spain.

Foundation “Music to save lives” is a small NGO of Public Utility, which was created 16 years ago to help Ugandan children and adolescents to have a decent future in their country. The purpose of the project is to form people capable of managing and finding work in their own country.    It is an […]

“Aunar Initiative”, UNICEF.

Covid-19 response plan.   Unicef ​​Argentina launched this national response plan to strengthen institutions and homes for children and adolescents, in the face of the possible secondary impacts of the pandemic on the most vulnerable population.   The initiative was developed by the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family and UNICEF, and it has reached more […]

“Die, what is necessary”, together with “UNICEF” and “Doctors Without Borders”.

All proceeds from the sales of his latest novel, “Die, what is necessary” will be donated to UNICEF, in Argentina, and to “Doctors Without Borders”, in Spain.   “Doctors Without Borders” is a medical-humanitarian organization that assists people threatened by armed conflicts, violence, epidemics or neglected diseases, natural disasters and exclusion from medical care.   Its main […]

Sponsorship of reading workshops through the SADE (Argentine Society of Writers).

Reading is a very positive habit, not only because it is entertaining but, from a personal point of view, it increases creativity and stimulates feelings and emotions, enriching vocabulary and improving the use of language, both oral and written.  More and more cultural activities are being generated around a book. The reading workshops are group […]

Poetry by Miguel Hernández at the UXart Virtual Museum

The project has received the support of the “Alejandro G. Roemmers” Ibero-American Chair of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Miguel Hernández University, achieving the inclusion of poetry for the first time in the Virtual Museum gallery.  The application offers the user a virtual reconstruction of a selection of poems in different 4.0 narratives: virtual […]

Empowering Economy, in “San Francisco”, Jujuy.

Empowering economy invests, promotes and supports sustainable consumption. This form of consumption reduces the negative effects of climate change and favors our health. It is based on some premises: offer food with organic plant-based raw materials, offer artisanal and sustainable products, and offer compostable and biodegradable products.  It has three main missions: an ecological mission, […]