Title: “Como la arena” (Like sand)

Year Published: 2006

Genre: Poesía

The word Poet has more than one meaning. Not only is it evidence that it prophecies, that it anticipates what is to come, but it delves into each feeling, in the being of the things to which it gives life at the same time that it shows its mysteries. Each of the poems in this book points to the enigma of feeling and with his words he imagines even the unimaginable that is inside a stone whose door hides the great mystery.

Alejandro Roemmers penetrates deep into human feeling. His poetry is clear. The beautiful metaphors do not elude us the meaning of his message. To be a poet is to speak like him, fraternally to everything created, to beings, to nature, to the metamorphosis of a day that comes out of its cocoon of mysteries to become night. Each person is enthroned in Alejandro´s words. When he speaks of love, he is not only dealing with human love, because he enhances the feelings towards everything created. With them and through them we convince ourselves that man is not a mistake of God. In his words emerge friendship, piety, his brotherhood with the total nature. He dialogues – it is a way of saying – with the object of his love, showing at the same time his own rainbow of very human feelings. In his verses he manifests that his eyes know how to see in each outstretched hand a synonym of his own secret need for communion.


I dragged the pain away

between the mountains

until the stars bleed

by the pupils of dawn.

I lunged crazily

against dark mills

until the night, dying,

it breathed out poetry.