Title: “Más allá”

Year Published: 2001

Genre: Poetry

A slight ascetic breath, of subtle worldology, runs through the pages of this new book by Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers, composed mostly of deep and fascinating sonnets and free-form poems, whose wealth of lyrical resources reaches in many of them a remarkable interiority, founded on real words as living beings.

Title: “España en mí” (Spain in me)

Year published: 1996

Genre: Poetry

“ Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers transits in the space-time that he himself assumes, and he does so without vain grandiloquence or useless secrecy. His poetry -both in the requirement of the sonnet and in formal and conceptual freedom- takes the problem of essence and existence raised in the first work, and unfolds it in the perspectives of love, of poetry (looking for an elusive definition) , in music (“El piano”), in dreams, in nature and in different panoramas as intimate as they are compatible.

Title: “Ancla Fugaz”

Year published: 1995

Genre: Poetry

The depth and beauty of his poems is surprising in this book by Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers. His poetry reveals the moments of a life captured by an alert intuition and captured in images whose virtue is originality, if not the greatest, one of the important achievements of every artist. And this vital experience is expressed with unique lexical neatness and richness, in a metric that ranges from free verse to classic and modern sonnet, in which the background and the form harmonize to become a pure and true poetry.

Title: “Soñadores Soñad”

Alejandro Roemmers spent much of his youth in Europe. In his years of residence in the old continent he dedicated numerous poems to Spain, several of which can be found in his first book, “Soñadores, Soñad”, which brings together poems written between the ages of fourteen and twenty. Since then, his poetry has been the subject of numerous awards and publications and included in anthologies of American poetry.